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Episode Reference List - Season 3 and 4

For when you don't remember the name, or number, of the episode you're writing for:

Season 3: 

3x01 Spree
3x02 Two Daughters
3x03 Provenance
3x04 The Mole
3x05 Traffic
3x06 Longshot
3x07 Blackout
3x08 Hardball
3x09 Waste Not
3x10 Brutus
3x11 Killer Chat
3x12 Nine Wives
3x13 Finders Keepers
3x14 Take Out
3x15 End of Watch
3x16 Contenders
3x17 One Hour
3x18 Democracy
3x19 Pandora's Box
3x20 Burn Rate
3x21 The Art of Reckoning
3x22 Under Pressure
3x23 Money for Nothing
3x24 The Janus List


Season Four

4x01 Trust Metric
4x02 Hollywood Homicide
4x03 Velocity
4x04 Thirteen
4x05 Robin Hood
4x06 In Security
4x07 Primacy
4x08 Tabu
4x09 Graphic
4x10 Chinese Box
4x11 Breaking Point
4x12 Power
4x13 Black Swan
4x14 Checkmate
4x15 End Game
4x16 Atomic No. 33
4x17 Pay to Play
4x18 When Worlds Collide

For more information regarding each episode: Numb3rs Episode Guide