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Prompts Master List - Season 4

Here be all the prompts for Season 4 episodes, along with a small FAQ regarding prompt claims etc: 

Q) How do I claim a prompt for myself?

Simply comment to this post with the episode name/number and the prompt you want for it (such as Prompt 3 of Pilot).

Q) How many people can claim a single prompt?

At the moment, three at a time. We don't want everyone simply going for and writing one prompt, so this will allow you to challenge your muse a little if your first choice prompt is already taken.

Q) I've claimed a prompt. How long can I keep it for?

A month, at the moment. Three people per prompt, they each have a month to write. As soon as that month is over, we will contact you, ask if you can give up the prompt so we can have other people write for it instead. But relax, take your time, this isn't do or die. But please be considerate enough to let other people have the prompt if you aren't doing anything with it :-)

Q) I've claimed a prompt, and written the fic. What's the modus operandi in regards to posting?

Yeah... be right back with a whole post devoted to posting where, when and how :-)

Now, to the fun part of the whole community - the prompts! Comment to this post to claim a season 4 prompt:

4x01 Trust Metric

4x02 Hollywood Homicide 

4x03 Velocity

1) Alt take - Don doesn't back down when he and that other guy play chicken in the middle of the episode.

4x04 Thirteen

4x05 Robin Hood

4x06 In Security

4x07 Primacy 

4x08 Tabu

4x09 Graphic 

4x10 Chinese Box

4x11 Breaking Point 

1) Who has the unlucky task of informing Alan what happened to Charlie that night?

4x12 Power 

4x13 Black Swan

4x14 Checkmate 

4x15 End Game

4x16 Atomic No. 33

4x17 Pay to Play

4x18 When Worlds Collide

For more information regarding each episode, visit Lady Shelley's Numb3rs Episode Guide.