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Welcome to the Numb3rs Episode Fiction Community!

The idea behind this community is to create a place where prompts and challenges can be suggested based upon episodes of our favorite show Numb3rs. Prompts and challenges can be anything from running with a particular quote said by Don or Megan or anyone else to an extended scene such as "Where does Don go after the koi pond confrontation?" from the episode Uncertainty Principle. 

Prompts and challenges are open to anyone who wants to become involved. And even if you don't want to write we would love to have you submit a prompt for something that you want to see from an episode; like a meeting between Alan and our favorite guest star cop Lt. Walker. We all know that would be an interesting conversation and who wouldn't want to listen in on that?

As long as it has to do with an episode of Numb3rs, it's fair game. 

The point is to write, read, and have fun. 

Rules and more information can be found on the Community's Information page. 

Your mods are

dreambrother89and magisterequitum. Feel free to message us with any questions or such at the community's website or our own. 

We hope to be fully up and running within the next few days. Until then, tell everyone you know who might be interested to come on over, take a look around, and get involved. 

A separate post for prompts and such will be posted shortly, but feel free to go ahead and comment here if a particular bunny just won't leave you alone. Or if you have any ideas for what else you would like to see or anything we can do to make the community better.