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Prompts Master List - Season 1

Here be all the prompts for Season 1 episodes, along with an FAQ regarding prompt claims etc:

Q) How do I claim a prompt for myself?

Simply comment to this post with the episode name/number and the prompt you want for it (such as Prompt 3 of Pilot). 

Q) How many people can claim a single prompt?

At the moment, three at a time. We don't want everyone simply going for and writing one prompt, so this will allow you to challenge your muse a little if your first choice prompt is already taken.

Q) I've claimed a prompt. How long can I keep it for?

A month, at the moment. Three people per prompt, they each have a month to write. As soon as that month is over, we will contact you, ask if you can give up the prompt so we can have other people write for it instead. But relax, take your time, this isn't do or die. But please be considerate enough to let other people have the prompt if you aren't doing anything with it :-)

Q) I've claimed a prompt, and written the fic. What's the modus operandi in regards to posting?

Yeah... be right back with a whole post devoted to posting where, when and how :-)

Now, to the fun part of the whole community - the prompts! Comment to this post to claim a season 1 prompt:

1x01 Pilot

1x02 Uncertainty Principle 

1) Where does Don go after the Koi pond confrontation with Charlie?
2) Extend the scene after Don talks with Charlie in the garage (the "statistically, you're dead now" scene).

1x03 Vector

1x04 Structural Corruption

1x05 Prime Suspect

1x06 Sabotage

1x07 Counterfeit Reality

1) Alan already knew about Kim - how and when does Don tell him?

1x08 Identity Crisis

1) Recreate the Lisa Bail murder case that Don worked on 18 months before this episode. Plenty of info given during episode, such as Don interrogating the husband for 48 hrs straight, leading to husband having to call funeral home handcuffed to a desk; the first thing Cliff Howard said to Don back then that he hadn't done it.

1x09 Sniper Zero

1) Where do the Eppes brothers go after Charlie is nearly shot and Don leads him away from the scene? 
2) The scene in which Charlie is shot at - write a scene between Edgerton, David and Terry after Don leads Charlie away.

1x10 Dirty Bomb

1x11 Sacrifice

1x12 Noisy Edge

1x13 Man Hunt
1) Write about the man-hunt in which Coop and Don waited at a cemetery for two weeks, waiting for their fugitive to show up.
2) Alan's already met Coop once before - how about a fic showing that? Maybe even encompassing why Don and Coop were in LA; who they were chasing?

For more help regarding the episodes, visit the Numb3rs Episode Guide at Redhawke.