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Episode Reference List - Season 1 and 2

For when you don't remember the name, or number, of the episode you're writing for:

Season 1:

1x01 Pilot
1x02 Uncertainty Principle
1x03 Vector
1x04 Structural Corruption
1x05 Prime Suspect
1x06 Sabotage
1x07 Counterfeit Reality
1x08 Identity Crisis
1x09 Sniper Zero
1x10 Dirty Bomb
1x11 Sacrifice
1x12 Noisy Edge
1x13 Man Hunt

Season 2:

2x01 Judgement Call
2x02 Bettor or Worse
2x03 Obsession
2x04 Calculated Risk
2x05 Assassin
2x06 Soft Target
2x07 Convergence
2x08 In Plain Sight
2x09 Toxin
2x10 Bones of Contention
2x11 Scorched
2x12 The OG
2x13 Double Down
2x14 Harvest
2x15 The Running Man
2x16 Protest
2x17 Mind Games
2x18 All's Fair
2x19 Dark Matter
2x20 Guns and Roses
2x21 Rampage
2x22 Backscatter
2x23 Undercurrents
2x24 Hot Shot

For summaries and more episode information, please go to Lady Shelley's Redhwake website, it's a great canon resource: 
Num3brs Episode Guide